Home-made specialities from Salzburg

Traditional Salzburg delicacies prepared from old recipes

Taste enhancers, additives, preservatives? No way! All of the home-made produce from the 4 star Gasthof Brandstätter is exclusively made from natural ingredients without any additives.

Delicatessen from Salzburg

Local fruits are made into jams and purées with much love and attention in the kitchens of the Gasthof Brandstätter in Salzburg. The pâté, made following an old family recipe, even finds its way to the gourmet paradise Meinl in Vienna each week.

Delicious food for home – Tasty, home-made jams

Pleasure doesn’t need to end when you leave the Gasthof Brandstätter to return home. You can also take some delicious items home with you.

Choose from our constantly increasing range of delicious jams. Below is an overview of our home-made jams. According to the season, we offer other specialities and seasonal delicacies.

  large (450 g) small (250 g)
Pineapple €  10,90 € 8,50
BlackBerry €  10,90 € 8,50
Strawberry €  10,90 € 8,50
Fig €  10,90 € 8,50
Raspberry €  10,90 € 8,50
Cherry €  10,90 € 8,50
Mango €  10,90 € 8,50
Apricot €  10,90 € 8,50
Orange €  10,90 € 8,50
Quince €  10,90 € 8,50
Hotel in Salzburg - Gasthof Brandstätter home-made gourmet produce
Hotel in Salzburg - Gasthof Brandstätter home-made gourmet produce
Gourmet restaurant in Salzburg - Gasthof Brandstätter award-winning cuisine

Useful information about where our ingredients come from

  • Apricots: once a year, at harvest time in July, between 800 and 1,200 kg (depending on how good the harvest is) of delicious, aromatic fruits are collected by our senior manager Brandstätter himself from his favourite apricot plantations in Wachau in lower Austria and are prepared into wonderfully fragrant jam in the kitchens of the Gasthof Brandstätter.
  • Oranges: our Gasthof Brandstätter orange marmalade is simply the best to be had! It is not bitter, and is a dream on toasted white bread.
  • Blueberries: the berries from Lungau, a mountainous part of the province of Salzburg, are especially aromatic.
  • Sour cherries: sweet-sour in their taste, in jams these release a real fireworks display of aromas.
  • Other sorts: quince, fig, blackberries from our own garden, strawberry with elderflower, Sicilian lemon, plum, and many more!


Weitere Sorten: Quitten, Feigen, Brombeeren aus dem eigenen Garten, Erdbeeren mit Holunderblüten, Sizilianische Zitronen, Zwetschken (Pflaumen) und viele mehr!

Chicken liver pâté from the award-winning Brandstätter kitchens

Have you discovered the delicious home-made chicken liver pâté at the breakfast buffet in the Salzburg 4 star Hotel Brandstätter yet? Connoisseurs like you have recognised the quality of this Salzburg pâté and have it freshly delivered each week to the gourmet paradise Meinl at the Graben in Austria’s capital city, Vienna.

  • Chicken liver pâté (à 100 g): € 6,00
  • Red cabbage (à 1 kg): € 12,00

The unforgettable aromatic pâté is made purely from the freshest ingredients: chicken’s liver, whipped cream, eggs, and herbs are combined in the Gasthof Brandstätter according to an old recipe into a delicious pâté.

Tipp: Geschenke für Verwöhnte

Order wonderful delicatessen items and Salzburg specialities directly from the Hotel Brandstätter. We will send you the delicious items once we have received your order by e-mail, or by using the contact form.

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Enjoy taking a little bit of the Brandstätter to enjoy at home

You are welcome to take meal items home with you. For example, enjoy a splendid veal goulash, veal “Salonbeuscherl”, grated “Schinkenfleckerl” or other dishes from our Salzburg gourmet cuisine.

A variety of different breads and delicious strawberry purée in the Gasthof Brandstätte

Baguettes, wholemeal spelt bread, and many other different types of bread are baked freshly for the guests at our 4 star hotel.

Our aromatic strawberry purée is made exclusively for your own use in the Brandstätter hotel. Look forward to this taste sensation at the breakfast buffet and with the delicacies served on the dessert trolley.

Pleasure in Salzburg

Is all this talk about the delicious home-made specialities in the Salzburg 4 star Hotel Brandstätter making your mouth water? If so, why not send us a no-obligation enquiry right away for your next stay in Mozart’s city of Salzburg in Austria.