The restaurant for wine connoisseurs in Salzburg

Fine Austrian and international wines in the Hotel Brandstätter

Our certified sommelier Andreas Eichberger knows how to match the perfect wine to a meal.

Don’t hold back in your choice: in the Restaurant Brandstätter in Salzburg, you have an expert at your disposal to advise you. Andreas Eichberger is a qualified sommelier, and has numerous unusual delicious wines from all over the world in his wine cellar. The walk-in vinotheque with wines from the best regions in Austria, France, Italy, and Spain is something that the wine lover Elfi Brandstätter is very proud of.

Wine restaurant in Salzburg - Gasthof Brandstätter vinotheque
Wine restaurant in Salzburg - Gasthof Brandstätter vinotheque

A pleasure for wine lovers - the wine restaurant in Salzburg

Wines are like living creatures: they react to temperature and movement, are young or old, and mature and develop their own specific characters. It is therefore very important to store wines under correct conditions and to serve them in the right way. Some of them need a little time to “breathe” to develop their full taste, and others present the palate with a sprightly peppery taste.

Let Andreas Eichberger take you into the world of wines and add panache to your romantic dinner for two or your business meal with some fine wine from the Restaurant Brandstätter’s wine cellar.

A wide selection of wine and expert advice

The most important and most innovative winegrowers in Austria are represented on the wine list of the Brandstätter restaurant. The list of wines gives you an idea of the diversity of vineyards, locations, countries, and winegrowers whose fine examples are served in the Gasthof Brandstätter.

Below you will find a small sample of the wines held in our exclusive wine cellar. Look forward to wine rarities and noble wines, and enjoy the pleasure of anticipation.

  • Manfred Tement, Berghausen, Styria
  • Otto Riegelnegg, Gamlitz, Styria
  • Reinhard Muster, Gamlitz, Styria
  • Franz Hirtzberger, Spitz in der Wachau, Lower Austria
  • F. X. Pichler, Oberloiben in der Wachau, Lower Austria
  • Emmerich Knoll, Unterloiben in der Wachau, Lower Austria
  • Ilse und Toni Bodenstein, Weingut Prager, Weißenkirchen in der Wachau, Lower Austria
  • Leo Alzinger, Unterloiben in der Wachau, Lower Austria
  • Martin Nigl, Senftenberg, Lower Austria
  • Gerhard Markowitsch, Göttlesbrunn, Lower Austria
  • Josef Pöckl, Mönchhof im Seewinkel, Burgenland
  • Gernot Heinrich, Gols, Burgenland
  • Hans und Christine Nittnaus, Gols, Burgenland
  • Paul Kerschbaum, Horitschon, Burgenland
  • Alois Kracher, Illmitz, Burgenland
  • Josef, Helene und Christian Tesch, Neckenmarkt, Burgenland
  • Heinz und Helmut Velich, Apetlon, Burgenland
  • Reinhold Krutzler, Deutsch-Schützen, Burgenland

table reservation

The team in the Restaurant Brandstätter looks forward to welcoming you personally and looking after you. Why not contact the Gasthof Brandstätter (telephone: +43 622 434535 or use our contact form) in Salzburg now and reserve a table for a meal with accompanying wine.